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With its multi-national team, UPC  provides its customers with market intelligence, industry knowledge, and supply chain management.UPC strives to provide our customers and business partners with professionally accurate, precise and timely market information. We continually implement new ideas and technology allowing us to be a global leader in our industry and to ensure a competitive position in international trade.

UPC is a global leader in international trade through innovative technology, Values Driven professionals and strategic relationships.
Our goal is to satisfy the evolving needs of our customers by providing unparalleled service and superior products to them. We wish to continue enjoying the close relationships with our customers and suppliers that we have in the past and to work together to further develop high quality and innovative products as well as to assure a stable supply of such products to our customers.

We will always preserve the competitive and entrepreneurial energy that has enabled our company to grow and succeed, and we will carry it with us into the future!