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Since its establishment UPC has been dedicated to providing consumers with exceptional value. UPC’s global sourcing enables its customers to optimize purchasing and improve worldwide market visibility by presenting the customer with the most actionable business information, with consideration to regulatory shifts. UPC’s in-house documentation and logistics capabilities distinguish it from its competition, and allows the company to offer outstanding service from start to finish.

As well as its Senior Consultants UPC can draw from a wide range of Experienced Consultants with a wide range of experience in commerce, industry and educational administration from the professional and academia.

Our consultants have in their careers dealt with a made range of affiliations between higher educational institutions and British Universities.

Collectively UPC can draw on Consultants who have dealt with over 100 countries 's including the USA, Japan, Turkey , Russia , Latvia , Estonia , Hong Kong , Singapore , Malawi , Bangladesh , Nepal , Mongolia , China to state a few.

Our consultant design of course Programmes for university moderation and validation. They try to tie up with UK university affiliation and partnership arrangements locally and internationally. Help to delivery strategy and quality control. We also help to get professional and regulatory accreditation. To do there best UPC consultants assist for academic staff recruitment, training and development.

Our team of experienced educationists and consultants to work closely with you they will identify your key growth thesis, dissertation management and education policy documentation.

To establish or reposition your self in a global education market, our team helps market development and global networking